How to Keep Your Plants Alive in the Sweltering Heat…

San Antonio is so hot in the summertime and until recently, I could never keep potted plants alive. If I forgot to water them even for one day, or if the temperatures just got too hot, my plants would majorly wilt and eventually die. I was a really bad plant mom.

Sad tale, right? It gets better….

About two months ago I discovered the Plant Nanny and my plant mom game has improved tremendously! I can go on vacation for a week and when I come home my plants are still alive!

The Plant Nanny is so easy to use. Stick the terra cotta stake in the soil, fill up a glass bottle, place the bottle in the stake, and the water will seep through the terra cotta stake straight to the root system of your plants. Super easy to use!

This summer I’m actually growing lavender, rosemary, a little lime tree, tomatoes, and mint! And they’re still alive!

Do you have any potted plants? Chime in with a comment below…


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