DIY Lemon Garbage Disposal Cleaners

I love a good clean house, where everything is sparkly clean. One place that is constantly a hassle for me to really get a good clean in, is the garbage disposal. I put as much down that thing as possible (not sure if that’s good or bad) but hey, I’m a big girl, finally married, in an apartment with my hubby and I got a garbage disposal. Okay I understand its not that cool…but something that is cool are these DIY Lemon Garbage Disposal Cleaners. They smell wonderful and always get the job done!

Here is what you need:

Cut up Lemon
Ice cube tray

*Its pretty simple. No measuring. Just cut the lemon, place a piece of lemon in each ice cube square, poor in vinegar and freeze! Anytime you need a fresh scent to clean out your garbage disposal, just pop one of these bad boys down and there ya go!!! 


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