Five Ways to Support a Small Business this Holiday Season…

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Can you believe it is November 1st? Time is flying by — and — believe it or not — Christmas is only 55 days away!

I love supporting small businesses throughout the year and the holidays are no exception. To me, giving and receiving gifts from small businesses always seem more personable and meaningful than big box store gifts.

When it comes to shopping small and local, you’ve got to be organized — handcrafted and/or personalized gifts take time to make, so ordering close to Christmas and paying for overnight shipping are not even options, which is why I’m posting this now.

If you’re interested in supporting small businesses this holiday season, here are my top five ways to do so:

1. Etsy 

Etsy is a great place to search for handmade items. My favorite gift giving items are jewelry, soap, and scarves. But did you also know that Etsy is a great place to buy holiday gifts bags, gifts tags, and Christmas cards. I’ve had nothing positive experiences shopping on Etsy — plus my mom has a yarn shop if you’re a knitter (shameless plug!)

2. Local Businesses in your Area

Think of your favorite places to go in your town. One of mine is my favorite coffee shop, Local Coffee. I’ve got a few coffee lovers on my gift list, so a bag of my favorite coffee beans is the perfect gift.

If you’re attending a holiday party, forego buying desert at the grocery store and pick up those to-die-for cupcakes from your favorite bakery.

3. Holiday Craft Fairs and Farmers Markets

Lots of towns and cities have holiday craft bazaars where you can find beautifully handcrafted items and holiday decor. I have had great luck finding gifts at my local farmer’s market — soaps, soup making kits, chocolates, and salsas all make great gifts and stocking stuffers. If you’re in the San Antonio area, I would highly recommend checking out the Pearl Farmers Market.

4. Multi-Level Marketing

I’m sure you have a friend or two who sells products for a multi-level marketing company (i.e.: Avon, Mary Kay, Jamberry, Scentsy, Thirty-One, etc). If you like the products and have someone on your list who would enjoy the product, consider buying through your friend.

5. Shop Affiliate Links

Bloggers, like myself, make money through affiliate links. The affiliate network I use pays me about five cents per click, other affiliate networks pay out a percentage of sales. Either way, if a blogger posts something you like, shop her links and/or save the post for later when you’re ready to shop. I’m going to be posting tons of gift guides over the next few weeks, as will tons of other bloggers, so feel free to click away! This is a great way to support a small business when you’re ordering online!

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I hope this little guide helps you support small businesses this holiday season. Got any other ideas? Chime in with a  comment below.


PS: This post contains affiliate links, by clicking on some of the links above, I may receive a small commission. As always, thank you for supporting this little blog!

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