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I’ve had this preconceived notion for so long that if I was going to be a fashion blogger, which I so desperately wanted to be considered, then I had to have a fabulous wardrobe, I could only photograph perfect outfits, and I could only wear current clothes that could be emulated with the click of a link and a swipe of a credit card.

Earlier this week I was thinking about this blog and where I want to take it and I kept thinking about real fashion for real women. I kept coming back to this idea of shopping my closet and using what I currently have to create interesting outfits that could inspire others to use what they have in their own closets to create fun and fresh ensembles.

What does this all mean for Depos and Demos?

Well, for starters, you may have noticed on Insta Stories that I gave up shopping for six months! I won’t be buying any new clothes, shoes, or accessories until August 1, 2018. I am going to use what I’ve got and get creative with my clothes!

You’re also going to see a lot more outfit photos! I have been reluctant to post outfit photos in the past because I don’t have a professional photographer and last year my confidence was at an all time low. I feel like I’ve found my mojo again and I want to share real outfits that are relatable and make sense for real women with real lives.

So I am doing away with what I thought a fashion blogger was supposed to be… and I am just going to be me!

XO, Meg

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